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Customer Service

  1. Change of Address Form

    Change of Address Form

  2. Escrow Form

    Escrow Request for Estimated/Final Billing

  3. Low-Income Senior Citizen/Low-Income Disabled Citizen Reduced Rate Program

    Mukilteo Water & Wastewater District Resolution No. 545-21 provides that certain low-income senior and low-income disabled citizens may... More…

  4. Stop Service - Selling Home

    Please complete this form if you've sold your home which is within the District.

  1. Contact Board of Commissioners

    This form can be used to contact the District Board of Commissioners.

  2. Leak Adjustment Request Form

    If you have discovered and repaired a leak, you can request an adjustment to one bill statement. Please note that your bill is still... More…

  3. Start Service - Buying a Home

    Complete this form if you have purchased a home in the District.

Development & Engineering

  1. As-Built Request

    This form is intended for obtaining water and sewer information for properties that are served by the Mukilteo Water and Wastewater... More…

  2. Water & Wastewater Availability Request Form

    This form is intended to be used for property owners and/or developers to obtain availability of water and/or sewer to properties... More…

  1. Backflow Assembly Test Form

    This is the form to be submitted by Backflow Assembly Testers after testing an assembly. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Public Records Request

  1. Request for Public Records

    If you want to request an as-built for water or sewer or availability for water and sewer please use the "request as-built" or "request... More…