Industrial Pretreatment Program

We aim to enhance water quality, reclaim valuable resources, and protect wastewater treatment staff and systems. We implement the National Pretreatment Program by:

  • Establishing local discharge limits and regulations
  • Equitably applying state and federal regulations across businesses
  • Proactively partnering with local businesses through permits and inspections
  • Collecting fees and surcharges to recover program costs

What is pretreatment?

Pretreatment is the reduction or elimination of pollutants in wastewater prior to discharge to the public sewers. Although physical, chemical, or biological processes are the most common ways to reduce or eliminate pollutants, many businesses reduce pollutants through best management practices (BMPs). Pretreatment protects the wastewater treatment staff and equipment, ensures marketable biosolids, and keeps harmful pollutants from entering local waterways.

Industrial Pretreatment Forms

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